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Morandin customer service

Morandin Industrial Containers is an Italian manufacturer of sheet metal containers for businesses from all industrial sectors. This list includes but is not limited to textile, construction, automotive, electronics and even agriculture and glassware.

Morandin, a name that guarantees more than just products of high quality, but also excellent customer service. We aim to offer tailored solutions to each of our partners’ needs, which ensures a mixture of product and service that maximizes performance as well as increases the return on your investment.

Thanks to the organization of our corporate structure, facilitated by streamlined processes & information management coupled by our coordinated human resources, we were able to create a business philosophy geared towards total customer satisfaction. Altogether, we offer a comprehensive service that rotates 360 ° around you.

The Morandin service supports you throughout your order experience, from the planning stages to post-sales.

We start the planning process by studying and projecting your needs for the ideal solution concerning proper space management within your facility, whilst keeping in mind our ultimate goal of optimizing your business workflow. Based upon your preferences, we will create a solution that minimizes the time needed to complete logistics operations and saves you valuable resources.
Our Team of experts in the Project and Design Technical Department are able to guide you towards selecting the right logistics solution, by projecting and constructing your ideal product.

Product Personalization
Product Personalization

Product customization allows you to create the Morandin container that best suits your needs. Onto each container we can engrave your company’s logo as well as other important information such as the tare and scope. This, for example, can help with easy recognition when collaborating with outsourcers.

When choosing the size of your product, we provide you with maximum freedom. We offer the widest range of containers made to fit your specific dimensions. Thanks to the flexibility of our production force and the use of automated lines, your order can be filled quickly upon demand.

You can further customize the containers by selecting the storage capacity, either by the volume or weight of your product. Do you need to stow voluminous bulk that weighs light? Or do you prefer a solution for a heavier product, such as steel molds, but takes up significantly less volume? Morandin offers the right solution at the right price for your needs.

We can ship your product quickly to you and through whichever mode you request. Our large transport fleet stands ready for each delivery.

After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service

The Morandin service can assist you even after your containers have been delivered to your company. We can provide you with the necessary information regarding the correct usage of the product and towards particular safety measures. Still have questions or need specific advice? Morandin is there to help. Call us, we will provide the answers to your questions..


Has your product become damaged or shown signs of deterioration? Morandin produces products with the strongest level of resistance, by using the highest quality sheet metal and employing the best welding and production techniques. Although our products are nearly indestructible, they do not yet possess the superpowers to last infinitely through time. If necessary, however, we can repair and regenerate your containers to further prolong their life.


Morandin Contenitori has the best product-service mix that gives your business more value!
Minimize the costs of storage and handling operations with a reusable and environmentally friendly product. Maximise your productivity!
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